What a nail bitter, edge of your seat kinda game!! Unbelievable! Needless to say ~ the Zfamof4 household is beside themselves! Here are just a few of our photos gearing up for the big game, and during ~ wow!!

My poor baby!

Today, my hubby went to the dentist to have some work done ~but I had no idea the extent....he has stitches on two sides of one tooth that had an infection inside a tooth! The doc had to cut and pull back the skin from the gum line, clean out the damage, and reattach the skin. Needless to say, he is in a bit of pain and taking vicodine to help with that. I must go and administer some more medication to my sweetheart, in hopes he feels better soon!

'Twas the Night before Christmas...

....and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a dog.

...The curtain was hung in the hall way, you see,
to make sure the boyz did not get a sneak peak!

When during the night we heard such a clatter!
Only to find BOTH boyz making such splatter!

To feel better soon, we gave them some toast,
but they still felt weak, and started to roast!

Their body temps were soon on the rise,
and you could see the their hurt in their eyes.

Back to sleep soon, my sweet little boyz,
for in a few hours you will get to play with new toys....

When they awoke, a suprise they did like,
to see their long awaited new bikes.

I am pretty much out of rhyming words so now I will just say, even Jazmyn got in on the fun!
They loved their new gaming rocking chairs with speakers,
and the new tv to play their new games.

Here they are being ever so strong,
when all they want to do is go back to sleep.....

...Now the time is 3 pm, and this is where they have been and have not moved since 8 o'clock this morn!

We hope you have had a very Merry Christmas today, and a very Happy New Year to come!

Look who just turned 12!

So this year was a big year for Randy and in my sisters words ..."you guys aren't fuddy duddy's anymore!" lol We got Randy his own cell phone this year, and a texting plan was a must! He loves it! We also have peace of mind that he will be able to call us anytime to let us know where he is ~ (thinking more of baseball season and back and forth between the two fields...)

Mimi and Papa helped us in opening Randy's gift ~ I gave them his new number, and when they called it, he had to find the package, and open it and then receive his very first phone call! He was thrilled!

Jared was also very thrilled and recognized what it was before Randy did!

Mimi and papa sang happy birthday to him....and sent him some mooola to purchase the muchly loved trading cards! He will love being able to get more than just one box next trip to the store!

Here, he opened a gifted specially made my Uncle Allen and he loved it so much he took a picture of it, and uses it as his wall paper on his cell phone!

He got a Juke phone, that is capable of playing music ~ now we just have to figure that part out!

Aunt Dinda also provided him with ringtones so as soon as we can get him on line, he can find a song he likes and that will be what he hears when people call him ~ thanks so much to mimi, papa, aunt dinda, uncle charlie, tyler & uncle allen!! love randy

Jared gave his brother a steelers fleece blanket for his birthday.....

....and Grammer and Pap Pap gave him his first "real" gun! Its two guns in one in which you change out the barrels. One barrel is a 20 gauge shot gun, and the other barrel is a 22 rifle. He imediately put it together and went outside for some target practice! Thanks grammer and pap pap! love Randy

Finally! I know!

It has been a really long time since I have posted to this blog, and I am sorry! It has been very busy these last few weeks, and it hasnt slowed down yet. I am also slacking in the photo department of my own family these days, and so I do not have anything from Thanksgiving to upload for you to see. wow! But we are so very thankful for our families, and also wish terribly that we lived closer together! I miss everyone so very much ~

I hope to have some updated photos...soon! so my Christmas scene and background still do not have football pics to look at!

Afternoon at the Lake

Lotsa Dirt!

End of Week One for South Side

My Vikings!

OK ~ here they are! The football season is under way this week with two practices a day for the first week, then only in the evenings after school starts. They are two very tired and sore guys right now, but they will get into shape real quick! They love football! You can check out the Vikings blog by clicking on the link in the side bar here in this blog.

Camp Sandy Cove